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        • Beckman Coulter desktop centrifuge
          Beckman Coulter Avanti-J series high-efficiency centrifuges have nearly 30 rotors to choose from, could separate up to 9 liters of capacity, exceed 100,000xg centrifugal force, and could complete part of the ultra-separa...[more]
        • Beckman Coulter ultracentrifuge
          The ultracentrifuge, with a rotation speed of not less than 30,000 rpm, belongs to the Beckman Coulter Optima series, it could reach a speed of 150,000 rpm. The Beckman Coulter Optima Max desktop ultracentrifuge cou...[more]
        • Beckman Coulter Avanti J series high-efficiency centrifuge
          Beckman Coulter Avanti J series centrifuges provide laboratory options: Avanti J-26S XP high-speed refrigerated centrifuge combines high performance, long-lasting durability and complete safety operating syst...[more]
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