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        • High throughput automatic loading system/inverted system
          High Throughput Automatic Loading System 120 standard slides or 60 double slides Application: TissueFAXS Plus system TissueFAXS Spectra Multispectral System TissueFAXS Q+ 2D/3D multi-dimensional panoramic cell imagi...[more]
        • Panoramic Tissue Cell Quantitative Analysis System
          TissueGnostics (TG), an Austrian company combines with the value of production, academic and research, is committed to developing an overall resolution for high-throughput tissue automated microscopic imaging and multi-l...[more]
        • Cell metabolism monitor Cellasys GmbH, Germany
          Cell metabolism monitor Cellasys GmbH, Germany °Ó 6 sensor chips work in parallel-high-throughput parallel comparison test °Ó Non-invasive, non-marker monitoring, continuous, online monitoring-real-time, accurate and n...[more]
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